Kara Janx

Do you all remember Kara Janx from Project Runway from wayyyy back in the day (2006)?!?! Well, to be honest, I didn't either until I came across this interview and remembered that she was indeed a South African living in NYC at the time of that show. It's been a while since he network debut ended but she has been steadily working on her collections including her most recent for Spring/Summer 2010. How awesome is this little dress? I'm especially loving the print.

(Is it me or does the model look really really young?)

{Photo: Kara Janx}


niki.mac said...

I didn't watch Project Runway until this year, so I'm not familiar with her but I LOVE this dress!

3pieceonline said...

love the print on this dress.

Brandie said...

The print is what totally got me loving this collection as well!

Anonymous said...

oh WOW! I checked out her website, this girl is banging, amazing! A good ol SA girl, making it big, good for her