Rest & Relaxation

My mini-vacation is officially over and I can't express to you how wonderful it was to take the time off and just completely disconnect from my day-to-day life. The whole trip was just a few days down to Florida to visit friends and I can easily say that it was one of the most special trip I've taken in a long time. Like any good journey, the whole point for me is always to get a little glimpse into a new world and try things I've never tried before. On this trip, that new world was called Parenthood complete with husband, wife, 2 year old, 7 month old and of course, a dog.

As is usually the case, I had not read much about my destination or mapped out key things that I wanted to do or see in this new land. In fact, before I set off for my trip, I didn't really think too much about anything. I was so focused on just getting away from work, I hadn't thought much about where I was going or what I was getting myself into. By 6am the day after my arrival, baby daughter made it crystal clear that this was not going to be an ordinary vacation!

The days that followed included a whole lot of the good, the bad, and the down right poopy! Things that I take for granted in my daily life gained a whole new meaning in this world. So much needs to get done and so many emotions need to be supported (i.e. teething baby who is not a happy camper unless physically glued to mom) and all of it by just 2 adults! While, like most women I know, I've had my own little imaginations of my future and family - this was a whole new ball game that had never figured into any of my daydreaming!

As the days passed, my pure admiration for this undertaking grew exponentially. There was so much to enjoy just by being a part of the daily lives...from watching the baby go from full-blown tears to smiles in seconds; playing on the beach with a 2 year old; learning to kayak for the first time while manatees swam underneath me; going for a leisurely stroll with one parent while the other put the kids down; the amazing feeling of quite when the kids are asleep; great conversation late into the night; slobbery kisses and a baby blowing bubbles against my skin; making fresh pasta; fresh squeeze grapefruit juice in the mornings; and even the joy of being fully exhausted from having too much fun in the sun! While there is no romanticizing to the absolutely hard work that is parenthood, I feel so grateful to have glimpsed of their reality and seen so much goodness!!

{Thanks J and M}

Me with the very youngest and most adorable of my hosts

{Photo: Mariana}