Home Cooking - Liberian Style

Last night while dipping into my bowl of dinner (brown rice with streamed okra and eggplant with a dash of palm oil), the smell and taste of palm oil did what it always does...instantly transported me back to all things Liberia. Therefore the timing of this brilliant New York Times article by Liberian writer Helene Cooper about her culinary journey through Monrovia was sent direct from the heavens just for my reading (and salivating) pleasure! The article was written just as any good article about food should be and here are a few snippets to warm you up:

"I closed my eyes as the first spoonful of fufu, dripping in bitterleaf, entered my mouth. Eunice had used at least four or five Scotch bonnet peppers, and I quickly started to sweat. But holy crow, was it good. For 20 minutes I ate, completely tuning out my sister and mother as I drowned myself in the familiar taste of home, my eyes watering, nose running, and mouth on fire. It was going to be a great week."

Food writing is so exciting, especially when it's about food you know oh so well! Check out the rest of this great piece right here.

{Photos and Quote: New York Times}

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Uzo said...

Give me one waaaayyyyy
One way ticket to Monrovia
that's all I need.
Give me one waaayyyyyy one waaayyyyyy one waaayyyyyy
Give me one waaayyyyyy ticket to Monrovia.

ok, so actually I booked a round trip . . . but looking forward to palava sauce and dry rice & fry fish w/ plam oil!