In general, shorts are a nonstarter with me. They seem to only flatter really really skinny people and since I have yet to find myself in that category of people, they are no-go territory for me. That said, I'm not beyond appreciating a pair of shorts especially when worn perfectly with a stylish blazer and an African wax-printed scarf via Free Peoples Rebellion!


Constar said...

i feel the exact same way! i hate shorts! well ussed to.. i even used to wear jeans to the beach to avoid the embarrasment of them! it was due to a skin thingy problem i had.. anywho.. i bought a pair of shorts quite like the ones shown here. love em love em love em!!! they do in fact flatter.

Tina said...

I really love the look and since I have been running I rocks me some shorts to hell with it. Great styling, would love to try something like that juicy thick legs and all, lol. Great post