Sounds of Africa: Wanlov The Kubolor

Today is a BIG day for Ghana in the World Cup so I think it is most appropriate to end this week with a Ghanian artist - Wanlov The Kubolor - singing a song called In Ghana! The lyrics are great as they clearly take you on the voyage of what being in Ghana is like for the artist including a line or two about the importance of football to the nation. Click over to take a listen and I hope you have a great weekend!


Ohima is ... said...

I love his music and himself. He is pure with nature and I really hope he go far.

People will say it is not true but uruguay took away the big chance of Ghana!

And I am so sad! I never thought football will make me feel this sad. This year I was supporting Ghana 100%!

Brandie said...

Ohima - I litrally shed a tear when Ghana lost yesterday and was very distraught. For africa to come so close and then loose is beyond heartbreaking. :(