Tuesday's Design - Petite Salon

I have to admit that I am slightly obsessed with small spaces. Something about them just oozes cozy which is my favorite vibe for any living space to have. So as you can imagine, this little room in Morocco is right up my alley. I can totally see myself cuddled on that couch for hours devouring a good book, stepping out to the patio to take breaks, resting a cup of tea on the ledge with the lamp and maybe even drifting off for a quick nap, all within this one little room.

So do you have a miniature space in your home where you like to get all nice and cozy?

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Anonymous said...

I have to be the biggest lover of small cozy spaces. Can so see myself cozed up, reading a novel while it pours outside or alternatively while the sun rays and sound of birds remind me of a life outside my space. *Sigh* Currently thinking of a suitable tiny space at home to convert.