You and Mother Nature

"Ok not to be a downer -- and I do like the view -- but the Africa I know and love (albeit I've never been to Kenya and the East is very different from my reference point of the West I hear) is a place where (1) its DARK at night (a la your post yesterday) and (2) things come out at night even when there are four walls. An encounter with a ginormous bug which took on horror movie like dimensions in the glare of a flashlight, in the midnight hour, in the village, was all I needed to cut down my fluid intake by mid-afternoon to ensure no roaming around when the generator is off for the night!!! I just can't imagine sleeping in the open like that and worse having to pay for it!!! Now that I have completely spoiled the moment -- it is very pretty. . . ."

The above comment by reader (and sister) Uzo on this post from earlier today really got me laughing out loud as well as thinking about my level of comfort with mama nature. Personally, I would JUMP at the chance to sleep outside in the dark in a treehouse with lions roaming underneath me. I've had the chance to sleep in a tiny tent in Kenya with hippos roaming around as well as on a mountain in Sudan so sleeping in a luxury bed outside would be a welcomed upgrade. Clearly my love for the great outdoors does not originate from my family.

So, my question for you is just how comfortable are you with mother nature? Do you prefer your mother nature through the safety of a glass window or maybe even better through a photograph? Or are you the "bring on the camping gear" "I hate walls" type? Or maybe something in-between?

Either way, I'd love to know so comment away....

{Photo: Loisaba}

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Lana said...

As long it's not freezing cold and I have plenty of mosquito repellent, I'll be there in a heartbeat! I love your sister's comment though, it made me laugh!