Catching up

Hi all! It feels like it's been forever! First there was my little trip to New England which was so much fun. As you can see in the pictures, it was much more rural than urban which was just what I needed. There were daily walks around a lake close to my friends house, reading in the grass, then an a-ma-zing few days in around Burlington, Vermont that included a farmstay (hence the little piggies), flea markets, mini-concerts and a whole lot of "made in Vermont" food! You can see even more photos on my Flickr page and also here.

I came back to DC and had to hit the ground running with work, but also had the pleasure of hanging with a friend who was in town with her son for a few days and that was followed by my sister visiting me for the weekend. Once she was on her way back to NYC, I was off to a Ray Lamontagne and David Gray concert which was nothing shy of pure genius! Both musicians put on such a great show!

Anyway...that's what I have been up to, what about you?!?

{Photos: Brandie}

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Kathleen said...

I need help w. my Holga...ive developed pictures twice and they are not special...what is wrong? is it me or is the camera perfeect where by its giving me the effects i wanted. its a regular holga 35mm...ive devoloped two films already and im on the 3rd..and...yeah what to do!!?