Flickr Finds Africa: Week 08.30.10

I'm sure it's worldwide, but for anyone who has been to or lived in coastal anywhere Africa, fish along with the required fish market is a major aspect of life. These images by Istanbulmike of the fish market in Dar es Salaam remind me so much of times I've spent in fish markets in various countries in Africa, including Tanzania. It is such a contrast from my D.C. fish market which seems so organized (and anyone who has been can tell you about the madness), not to mention sanitary, in comparison. Yet, that disorganization, and knowledge that with a little grilling (or perhaps deep frying) for chump change anything in those markets will easily become the best thing you have ever eaten, all make fish markets around the continent a haven for any foodie.

{Photos: Istanbulmike}

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3pieceonline said...

This post has inspired me this week Brandie. Love the images here.