Tuesday's Design - Egg Designs

It is hard not to get excited when I find a furniture design company that really just blows me way. As I generally prefer more traditional pieces, the modern designs of Durban-based Egg Designs blew me away when I first saw them.

Let's start off with their ridiculously amazing Desert Rose Locker which makes your old junior high school locker look like a relic from a very sad era. Covered in laser-profiled panels of desert roses, this bright yellow piece is literally a show stopper in any room. In their home below, the owners have used it to showcase some of their favorite pieces and have really done the piece justice by having it against a dark wall where it can really pop!

The Bug Round Side Table is another no-brainer for me. Can you imagine how these little laser-cut bugs must totally glow with the right lighting?
You can see how they totally set off this simple but fun bed room by adding a burst of color against the blue wallpaper, while blending in perfectly with the floral rug. To make sure you don't drown in pattern, the plain white linens on the bed bring things back to ground level without losing the ultra chic style of the room and of these tables....

Be sure to check out Egg Designs for even more amazing furniture!

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