Beauty in the Pages

I was recently reading this piece about how few black models get the coveted editorial pages of the top fashion magazines for the September Issue (basically this is like getting a nomination for a fashion world Oscar with the prize going to the one who gets the cover page). In the past I may have been shocked and annoyed, but this time, it basically just made me laugh because I know it's the most ridiculous thing ever!

I've been to enough places around the world (or just down the street), to know that the one dimensional beauty sold in fashion magazines today is just plain silliness? Who actually buys into this madness?

But what do you think it stems from? Fear? What is so threatening about showing beauty from Africa, Asia, Latin America (and I'm not talking about the Brazilians that come from the one village), the Middle East?

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Kathleen said...

I think you hit the nail with "what is so threatening" oh funny Brazilians not from the same village. ; )