Simply Designed

For me, it's hard to imagine Africa and not get an explosion of colors and textures running through my head. While this is colorful image of the continent is always present in my mind, I love it when an artist can present the continent using very easy and simple designs. The fashion line Edun (think Bono and Wife + minority stake by LVMH) was started with a mission of encouraging trade with Africa and part of their line is made on the continent. They bring just the look of simple, long-lasting, pair-with-awesome-accessories that I have started to heavily favor.

Along the same lines of Edun is the newest collection by Kinder Aggugini* who was also inspired by the continent. Not only am I loving the simplicity of the collection, but the hats by Stephen Jones, which as suppose to look like "an African tribe - well before the Internet age" are amazing!

{Photos: Style.com}

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