I find it very interesting that there is so much discussion about the struggles of black (and all non-white) models to get in front of the cameras and on the runways in the fashion industry, yet there is very little discussion about how few black men and women work behind the scenes. And if you think that is hard, imagine behind from the continent and breaking into the behind-the-scenes world of high fashion! Well that's exactly what Edward Enninful, British by way of Ghana, has managed to achieve. Working with all things Vogue, models of every glamorous dimension and photographers whose lens I would gladly jump in front of, Enninful is part of the glitteratti machine that brings us all kinds of lovely and inspiring fashions and makes those of deep pockets (clearly not me) just want to hand over their wallets....

I absolutely love this shot of the man himself!

{Photos: One Management, Fashion Bomb Daily, Daily Styling Deluxe, Strawberige, MFA}

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Uzo said...

These pictures are great (I have thing about fur though...) but my comment is just an excuse to, as the self-appointed president of your fan club, wish you a HAPPPPPPYYYYY BIRRRRRTTTTTHHHHHDAY!!!!!!!