Through the Lens: Uzoamaka N. Okoye

Today's Through the Lens feature is very special not only because these are pictures from Liberia, but also because I have known the photographer for a very long time (i.e. my entire life)! My sister recently went back to Nigeria and Liberia and had the chance to take some amazing pictures. What I found interesting, especially in looking at the ones of Liberia, was the complete lack of familiarity. I had initially thought I would feel something given that the images were of people and places I should be familiar with. While of course the people were the same family members that have always been in my life, the images of the country felt so distant. While this is a country that I spent the first 10 years of my life, I guess that these images are another reminder that I definitely need to return and get to know this country.

{Photos: Uzoamaka Okoye}

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