Ok, so having a black woman in an very big afro wig is not an original idea yet I still found myself so drawn in by this South African editorial. I think it is because I like the contrast of the afro and the bohemian clothing. It's almost like she would fit perfectly into a Williamsburg or Portland (Oregon) scene. I love the tights and the shoes in the first shot and the turqouise dress and puff sleeved shirt in the second shot. The third shot is a good throwback to a whole other era....I love it all, especially in it's slight awkwardness......what's your take?
P.S.....to be honest, I wonder if this is what my hair will look like when it grows out even more???

{Photo: fotofactory}


kelly jo said...

post a picture of your new hair!

Anonymous said...

Great editorial. I'm with Kelly Jo... Let's see your hair!