Flickr Finds Africa: 11.08.10

Howdy folks! How was your weekend? Mine basically went by in a blur as work and non-work as so intertwined when I'm here that "turning off" becomes nearly impossible. As you read this, I'll probably be neck deep into this conference that I am attending and hopefully learning a thing or two about Iraq.
While I may be neck deep in work, it is indeed times like these that I really appreciate having this space to share with you and also with me. When I started this blog oh so long ago, the root of every post was connected to my own needs and experiences living in Africa at the time. Nowadays, my overall commitment to this space sometimes outweighs my daily passion for it (i.e. on days when I'm obsessing about Swedish design or planning a trip to Iraq, neither of which have anything to do with Africa). I have often struggled with that but over time I have come to accept that the reasons I'm here with you as often as I am may change but the fact that I also "show up" is also really important to me, especially given that once I log in, I'm 100% excited about what I'm discovering about the continent to share with you.
Ok...I admit all of that might be a smidge much for a Monday morning so let's transition into more of the amazing photography from throughout the continent taken by Dave Blume. His shots, both in B&W and in color, literally leave me feeling like I need to grab my camera and just see more of the world, meet more peole, and live new experiences!
{Photos: Dave Blume}

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3pieceonline said...

The 1st image is gorgeous. I feel the same as you regarding blogging and engaging once plugged in.