Photo Inspiration

Welcome to another week here on Out & About Africa! I can't think of a better way to start the week than with this inspirational photo of a South African surfer. To those surfers out there reading, this may seem like a normal day of someone just catching a wave, but if I were standing in his shoe (ok let's be honest - I wouldn't even think about being where he is...but let's pretend), I could only hope to look into those mighty terrifying waves and have my soul screaming "bring it on!"

So as you march into a brand new week ahead I hope you take strength from this photo and have the courage to tackle whatever life may throw at you (ok maybe your week need not be this dramatic, but just in case it is....)

{Photo: National Geographic}

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Mustard Seed Collective said...

Such an awe-inspring image. He's probably done it a million times, but I really how he didn't try to ride one of those waves.