Tuesday's Design: Accra Meets L.A.

What do you get when you take a Ghanian-born L.A. based architect and get him to design his own home in Accra? Yes, this gem of a home does require a moment of silence to really absorb its beauty....I'm not usually into the minimalist modern look, but lately my cozy, comfort style was beginning to feel too much! Of course some serious cleaning (not to mention finally unpacking) made it feel like me again, but a new part of me has been loving the clean, crispness that comes with modern design. So as you can imagine, this home is really calling my name. Not only do I love the fact that the architect uses local materials, I also love that he incorporates so much of his life abroad (cabinets, sinks and more were all imported). You can see more of this wonderful home here....

{Photos: dwell via design wonderland}

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