A New Year

We are already waist deep into a new year and I am still filled with excitement over the potential of everything to come. The world, universe, whatever-you-call it, has consistently shown me that there is so much out there that is unexpected and just waiting for me. At the same time, I have also learned that I have the power to chart my own course in so many ways. In looking forward, I want to start the year by taking one out of the fabulous Erin Loechner's page and remember all the great stuff that happened last year that I want to continue doing in 2011...these are my Non-Goals. But, given that I actually kinda like goals...I'm going to also tell you one of the most important goals that I have for 2011.....


  1. Continue spending as much time outdoors as you possibly can – whether it’s hiking, biking, running or just napping – Get outside!
  2. You really kicked up your game in the working out and eating better department – hello, how hard was saying goodbye to alfredo, and running that first 5 miles but you did both keep raising the bar!
  3. Remember how much fun your silk-screening and graphic design classes were and painting (albeit terribly) on the porch? Well, hello, get back on the wagon and keep doing new fun classes and activities that get your creative juices flowing.
  4. You finally stopped chopping your hair and now curls are blooming all over your head like flowers in a spring garden. Keep ignoring your sister’s “what are you doing with your hair” and allow yourself to embrace the “it’s doing whatever it wants to me” answer!!
  5. It was seriously record-breaking (ok, only your record) how many places you got to visit this year! I mean, Turkey, Nicaragua, Jordan, Mexico, and Iraq not to mention, St. Petersburg (FL) and the amazing state of Vermont! Please keep boarding planes and seeing new places! The world is amazing keep getting out there!


Take risks, risks, and more risks! There is so much out there that you know you are BORN to do, so stop playing SMALL and get out there!

So...what are some of your goals and non-goals for this year ahead??

{Photo: DPinDC}

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kelly jo said...

you absolutely, positively, rock with you and your non-goals - AND YOUR FAB HAIR!