Artists in Dialogue: Sandile Zulu

Sometimes its easy to feel that each artist stands, works, acts alone, but the National Museum of African Art flips that idea around with it's Artists in Dialogue series. This time, the artists who "creatively" speak to each other are South African Sandile Zulu and Brazilian Henrique Oliviera who spent over a year talking to each other, sharing there works and coming up with an entire new series of works for this special show. Sandile Zulu takes fire and turns it into this....

while Henrique Oliviera takes wood chips and turns it into this....

Needless to say their dialogue should be really interesting. So if you are in D.C. definitely check it out. Better yet, if you are around tomorrow, come by for their inaugural party at the museum from 7-11. Happy people, drinks, art, music = a good time in the making!

{Photos: Myers on Fine Art, Henrique Oliviera}

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