Fulani Skirts, Ibos Tanks

This month's Anthropologie catalog continues to reflect that the company consisting goes to Africa for inspiration. Highlights for me include the Fulani and Amhara skirts and the Ibos tank.

Sometimes I wish they could be a little clearer about the connection between the ethnic group and the clothes they are selling (i.e. what does the 'Fulani' skirt have to do with Fulani people). That said, I always appreciate that they use actually names rather than the catchall "ethnic" term that is ever so popular in the fashion world. I see it as a teeny tiny but simple way to get their audience even thinking about these groups, and hopefully Googling to find out more about them.

What do you think? Actual group names (even if they might be getting stuff "off" or dare I say just plain wrong) or catchall "ethnic?"

{Photos: Anthropologie}

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jannek said...

Hi, thanks for pointing us to this Anthopology issue. Great to see African influences. But you're right, why not credit a bit more the original 'designers'. Fortunately there are blogs like yours for that! xo Janneke