Koto Bolofo

Born in South Africa, raised in the U.K. where his parents fled as political refugees, Koto Bolofo's portfolio is seriously a jaw dropping thing of beauty. You name the major fashion magazine or designer line and chances are sky high that he has shot for both. While of course I'm naturally drawn to these explosion of color editiorials, he also has an amazing collection of softer colored and black and while shots that are equally brilliant...

{Photos: Art-Department}


Anonymous said...

Is this an African blog ?

where is the old out and about Africa?

why are you call it out and about Africa while "you're lightenning it up" ?

you should review your title.

Lots of african are looking at your blog.

why not putting black model in traditionnal clothes?

Its great to exalt Africa, but please do it right.

Lots of african are looking at your blog.

Best regards.


Brandie said...

Dear Samantha,
First, thank you for being an Out & About Africa reader. In response to your question: "Is this an African blog?" As I have shared, this blog is my space to share and honor the beauty of Africa. That beauty for me encompasses the four corners of Africa, so to speak, including Africa's cultural, ethnic, traditional and religious diversity.

It is with the diversity of Africa in mind that I "exalt" Africa and African influences in fashion, art, music, design, and photography. And yes that may include traditional clothes on a non-African model or an African model in non-traditional clothes.

More specific to this post, Koto Bolofo has achieved something rare for any person of color and even more rare for an African, to be influential and sought after behind the scenes in the "high fashion" industry.

Your comment on "lightenning it up," I find to be ignorant and offensive to me and all my readers including those who are African. I absolutely refuse to get into discussion of "light" and "dark" as I find it is low, destructive, and has no place on my blog!