SUNO Brings Real Style

Before I dive into SUNO's new collection, can I just say this whole fashion week business is exhausting and I'm not even there live to see all the action! Not only is New York Fashion Week still in full swing, the Jo'burg Fashion Week also kicked off today. Either way, I'm going to wait until the weekend when both shows are over to really look at everything and pick out some of my absolute favorite styles.

While I love this collection, SUNO's slow but steady drift away from the bright kangas takes away from the connection/nostalgia their clothes made me feel for East Africa. Even though professional fashionistas will argue that their collections are "maturing" or are more "sophisticated" at times, I feel like their look is becoming ever-more mainstream. Either way, it's hard to argue that a brand must continue to evolve and that the designers have to right to be inspired by all the amazing things this world has to offer.

At the end of the day, none of this really matters as much to me as it may to those in the industry. What continues to make SUNO really stand out to me is their continued commitment to keep manufacturing in Kenya, including the expansion of production in the country. As their brand grows and the demand for their clothing increases, this commitment means there are more job opportunities for local Kenyans and honestly, that's real style to me!

{Photos: Style.com}

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