Ghostly Shots by Amouzou

“In these photos, in my way I look for who I am. The question “who am I?” is a question that goes beyond the fact of whether or not you have identity papers. This question, that every human being asks throughout his life, whether he is powerful or wretched. This question: who am I is the first one that every human being must ask before being able to recognize others, different from himself but also so alike.”

Those are the words of Belgium-based Togolese photographer Hélène Amouzou. While being amazed at her work, which seems to have a ghostly/haunting vibe, I also admit to being a bit spooked. But I also think that's exactly what makes her work stand out! You end up feeling something deeper than the "aww, pretty picture" mode that, at least I somethings find myself in.

{Photos: Hélène Amouzou; quote: I've Been Funked}

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