Vogue in Zanzibar

I love these shots by Mario Testino for the March issue of British Vogue! The fact that this is shot in Zanzibar, Tanzania and that they clearly "imported" some Kenyans is a bit weird, but if fashion editorials have taught us nothing else, we should know by now that a stylists "creative vision" have no "cultural" barriers!

Correction: As there are Maasai people IN Tanzania, there is clearly no need to "import" Kenyans. However my point continues to be that I don't know the Maasai people to be original to the coastal areas of East Africa, especially Zanzibar.

{Photos: Fashiontography}

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Katebomz said...

What do you mean imported some "Kenyans"? There are Kenyan Maasais and Tanzanian Maasais.