Through the Lens: The Sahrawi

As a new week gets started (ok, mine technically started yesterday), I find myself yet again amazed at how exciting putting a post together can be! The simple (ok, not always so simple) transition from finding something that I'm so excited about I feel like I could burst and then putting it together to share with you is a constant reminder of why I still love blogging.

Today's Through the Lens features the latest work by Irish-born, Kenyan-based photographer Andrew McConnell. I learned of his work via The Lens and I knew that I had to highlight his work. This series focuses on the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara and stunningly brings a bit of humanity to a group who continue to survive under some pretty tough political conditions. For me, McConnell's brilliant capture of just a few, sheds enormous, warm light on an entire group.....isn't it brilliant that photography can do that?!?!

You can see even more of the pictures from this series on McConnell's site and definitely catch the The Lens post which includes commentary from several of the subjects of these images.

{Photos: Andrew McConnell}

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