Tuesday's Design: Artful at Home

It is hard to argue that art and interior design go together like a hand in a glove. A nice piece of art can really make and entire room whether it's a painting or a sculpture or a photograph or something a little bit more radical like the above creation by South African leather artist Beatrix Bosch. This piece, a combination or mohair, wool and leather, is made even large than life by the low table and awesome cushions.

Next up you have this amazing painting also by a South African: Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef. Everything in the room echoes the beauty of the painting from the rug to the leather chairs and the even the table!

Finally, I love this combination of Scandinavian design with a painting by Eritrean artist Petros Ghebrehiwot. The minimalist furniture seems to allow so much room for the painting to really shine!

{Photos: House and Leisure via Zinio}

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