Tuesday's Design: Bourcherouites

No one wanting to herd animals in 2011? Price of wool getting too steep for you? Well, let's see what we have laying around this ol' house of ours....

As we all know, desperate times call for desperate measures and this current global economy certainly highlights the "trying times" we are in. Rather than letting these tough times get them down, Moroccan weavers are using the resources they have at hand to create rugs that are just jaw dropping. Still focused on providing all things creative and bright, these newer styles call my name as much as the traditional designs!

For those of you living in NYC, check out Fort Street Studio starting April 28th for their entire collection of these beauties recently picked up during a trip to Morocco. If NYC is out of your reach, fear not because Anthropologie should be nearby (at least if you are in the U.S. or London). They have taken these the extra mile and wrapped them around some metal to give us a modern meet traditional look that I love.

{Photos: New York Times + Fort Street Studio+ Anthropologie}

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