Art Scene: Ehi Obinyan

Hole mole! Not even sure where to begin to express just how excited I am about the work of Liberian (by way of Nigeria where he spent a chunk of years before relocating to San Francisco) artist Ehi Obinyan. These watercolors are just a small sample of the amazing body of work that Obinyan has done. The bold colors so call my name and the fluidity of each piece has me just wanting more and more....

You can see more of Obinyan paintings here on Modern African Art or here at the Emmanuel Studio.

{Photos: Modern African Art and Emmanuel Studio}


Renata Felinto said...

Hi, Im Renata Felinto, im brazilian and my English is so so, but, my friend Nabor indicated this blog to me because I have a blog wich the subject is art and african art from of the diasphora (?). I liked so much to know your blog and this artist, how can I follow you?

Chic Therapy said...

This is pure talent!!