Miss Domesticity....

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) everyone! How was your (long) weekend?? I'm not sure how it's possible to be this exhausted after a long weekend, but that's certainly my current state! So many things that I have put off for weeks (ok, months) finally needed some level of attention and got just that and a bit extra this weekend. This mainly meant because Miss Domesticity in the flesh! Top on the list was a complete scrub-down of my apartment, which I took to beyond-spring-cleaning heights - imagine cleaning the baseboards, taking down the curtains and stripping to couch to wash the linens, and taking all the books off the shelves to clean and rearrange! In addition to the scrub-down that took place indoors, there was also a major clean-up needed on the patio literally transforming the space into one of my favorite places for the summer...I had breakfast there every morning, phone chats, and even some yoga. There is still much to be done...but I'll share pictures with you hopefully next week when I can also share a few pictures of some small but major changes in my apartment.... (hint: the picture above provides a little clue!)

{Photo: Elle Decor}

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Ali la Loca said...

I love the photo you shared. I'm so into nautical inspired stripes right now, and we're getting ready to paint Rico's office a lovely deep blue over the summer. Can't wait to see a photo of your place!