Summer of Headscarves

With the summer heat already blasting down on some of us, the allure of sun, beach, ocean, breeze and all that comes along with that fantasy is seriously beckoning! For the season, stylish goddesses have also thrown in headscarves which any African-loving soul can greatly appreciate. While my practical side seriously wonders how I could even begin to make such lovely head wraps (my head wrapping skills are limited at best in comparison to my sister who can make even toilet paper into a work of art worthy of any head) - let alone attempt to cool off in the ocean waves looking so fabulous - my "who me? practical? haha" side would rock any headscarf on my head as if I were Iman herself strutting down a runway!!

{Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue + Beauty is Diverse}


Anonymous said...

I love to see women wearing headscarves. I've never had the guts to, but I might give it a try this summer. Why not?!

katie said...

ah and here i was going to ask you how on earth you wrap headscarves like that. a manual must be needed

Anonymous said...

THese scarves are beautiful. Adds so much style to swimsuits etc. Ahhhh wish I was young again