Art Inspiration: Ibrahim El Salahi

I love this painting by Sudanese artist Ibrahim El Salahi! Not only is the image striking, I love that it stirs all kinds of decorating ideas in my head of how I would design an entire room with this as the center keeping the painting as the focus of the room.

For those who love planning far ahead (not my strong suit as I struggle to plan something as simple as a biking route for tomorrow), mark your calendar as Ibrahim's work will be coming to the Museum for African Art next spring!

{Photo: Museum for African Art}

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Anonymous said...

I have a small oil painting that was done by this artist in 1964. It should be in a museum collection ,but unfortunately I can not afford to donate it. If you know of any place that would be interested in purchasing it I would welcome any assistance. My e-mail address is : marypezdek@hotmail.com
Thank you.