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On a last note of the day, I just wanted to share with you a very special experience I had while I was in NYC (I know, just when you thought I was done raving on and on about that city). Over tea for me and orange juice for her, I got the chance to meet up with Karen Young - the brains and brawn behind the wonderful textile company Hammocks & High Tea.

While most people have "star-struck" moments, my "moments" tend to stick a little closer to our galaxy and usually involve entrepreneurs or everyday people doing a whole range of the extraordinary. As a (1) black woman (2) running her own company and (3) focused on textiles Karen clearly won me over from the word go! Over what seems like a long time, I'm virtually watched her company start off small and blossom into one of those companies that is in all favorite home decor magazines. When twitter took over the world, the ocean that divided "us" shrank into a little puddle, and made the whole "hey, wanna grab a cup of coffee" not only less intimidating but actually possible!

Meeting Karen was sorta of like going on a blind date, but even better because there was none of the "does my hair look good" or "does this dress make me look like a beached whale" feeling. Not only was it wonderful to get a slight glimpse into the world behind the pretty finished product, it was even better to just hang-out with such a chilled-out, smart, funny, person who I now find even more inspiring.

{Photos: Hammocks & High Tea (including magazine spreads in House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens)

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Hammocks & High Tea said...

geez Louise, you rock!! Thank you for this post, I'm all a twitter :)