Photo Inspiration

As a new week wades in, can I just tell you how happy I am that summer has arrived?!?! With the warm weather in full swing, I really can't help but spend my evenings outside relaxing with friends, just chillin' on the patio or grabbing a good read. Weekends include figuring out just how many hours can be passed outdoors doing everything from biking to just being and watching the world lazily drift by....

But alas there continues to be those multiple hours a day where for one reason or the other, we find ourselves glued to a screen of some sort and my goal as always is to make even a few seconds of that time as blissful as possible. To that end, let's start this day with this inspiring photo by Robyn Gianni. Despite my feelings about photos of animals in Africa, every now and then an image pops up that just grabs my attention. Everything about this shot has my attention but especially the really cool colors of the animal (wild dog?)

{Photo:Robyn Gianni}

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