Sounds of Africa: Independence

Can you believe that by this time tomorrow the world, and more specifically Africa, will have a whole new nation!! While most of us will continue our weekend in "normal" mode - tomorrow's independence of South Sudan marks an event that cannot be summed-up in words, let alone words from someone like me. It is often hard for me to remember that "freedom" isn't actually "free;" that there are thousands and still more who have had to struggle, fight, die, loose loved ones, and more for the privileges of freedom. For the Southern Sudanese who have literally been fighting (and least we forget, they are still fighting in the north) for decades, tomorrow's independence is a fresh start to well......everything!

So to mark the occasion, it only makes sense to be jamming to mixes by Wahid Soumade who has brought together some amazing talent from throughout Sudan first in order to promote the vote, and now to mark the occasion. In addition, you can also check out this video which injects a whole bunch of flavor into the Sudanese remix....

{Photo: Sudan Votes Music Hopes}

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