Tuesday's Design: Babylonstoren

Ahhh, I can't believe the long weekend is as good as gone! Three full days of hanging out with family, eating, drinking, biking, and overall just chilling washed down at the end with a firework show never seem quite enough....

But since we must, I want to ease back into the week with a mental escape to Babylonstoren. Last summer, I headed to Vermont with a friend and we chose the "off-the-beaten" path of staying at a "farm-stay" instead of a regular hotel. While that experience was so much less than we had romanticized, I would gladly attempt another "farm-stay" at Babylonstoren in South Africa.

Quietly nestled on 200 hectares of orchards and gardens, I would gladly take any of these 14 cottages to relax in for a few days. Obviously, the food takes a direct route from garden/barn to your plate with only a quick stop via the kitchen so I'm not sure if it can get any more yummy then that.....

{Photos: Babylonstoren}

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