Ethno Teknic

There is no time like summer to find yourself covered in a bunch of bright, beautiful colors. Yet, me being me, I still tend to stick to no more than two colors at a time when it comes to clothes. Where I love to go wild is with fun jewelry which adds a whole lot of flavor to whatever I'm wearing without making me feel too overwhelmed.

With that in mind, I fell instantly in love when a friend sent me a link to Tom Binns! His Ethno Teknic collection is inspired by various East African tribes including the Maasai, Surma and Mursi. Unlike the bold reds usually drawn in for inspiration when looking toward the continent, I love that Binns goes with soft orange, turquoise, purple and lime green tones.

The hand-painted gems remind me of the beads usually used in this region while the designs evoke a unfussy vibe. Some of the designs are simple enough to add a little fun to an everyday outfit while others are bigger statement pieces....

What's your favorite piece (assuming you can even pick a favorite out of all the loveliness)??

{Photos: Tom Binns, Net-a-porter, fyeahafrica}

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Hello I am from the Caribbean and I adore brightly colored jewelry. Thanks for sharing this designer.

Lisa x