Through the Lens: James Mollison

Do you remember the room you slept in as a kid? Personally, anything prior to 10 years old is a blur to me, but I can still remember details of the various dorm rooms I lived in upon moving to the U.S.

In this amazing collection of photographs entitled Where Children Sleep, James Mollison takes viewers on a world tour of the spaces where children sleep. From Manhattan penthouses to Brazilian Amazonia, Japanese princess rooms to theWest Bank and Nepal to Kenya - Mollison's images highlights some of the stark differences in the lives of children around the world while highlighting the similarities that can be found, especially depending on the economic background of the child.

While these images are just of the homes in Africa, the collection holds so much more to explore, as does Mollison's entire portfolio (he even has a very cool collection about Pablo Escobar)!

Photos: James Mollison; 1&4 via the Lens}

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