Tuesday's Design: A Collector's Home

After last week's sleek getaway, I'm ready to bring things back a little closer to my natural style and right now, the House and Leisure Cape Town house of the month completely has me in it's grasp! First and foremost, I love homes that have a center, courtyard-like space. Here, instead of a courtyard, this whole little house seems to revolve around a simple hot-tub which is beyond perfection! With wide doors on each side, every room (including this gorgeous kitchen) has an inside/outside feel to it, perfect for letting the last (or first if you actually live in Cape Town where spring is on the horizon) of the warm summer air in.

The white walls all around keep the space looking fresh and modern but that's perfectly balanced with warm vintage pieces like the dining room chairs and the various pieces (including the art) in the living room. Best of all, I love this home because it clearly reflects the owners love of collecting things. Rather than making the space feel cluttered, these pieces add a unique style to each room. This feels very close to me as I often collect fun pieces whenever I travel (i.e. my bookcase currently holds a plate from Iraq, old milk glasses from Vermont, and my vintage cameras and of course a bunch of books) and always have to find a way to incorporate my favorite pieces into my tiny apartment.

I think it's fair to say that the only thing missing from this home is me!

{Photos: House and Leisure}

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