Tuesday's Design: Peacock Pavilions

As much as I love interior design books, blogs, magazines, sometimes I see a home featured and all I can wonder is "who actually lives like this?!" This isn't to say that I want to see a dirty home, but rather a home where the owners personality comes shining through; one that looks put together through years of collecting, tossing out of things that truly aren't necessary, many hours (and pain) fixing things to be just right, and overall signs of general life: magazines and mail, a glass on the living room table, etc.

Peacock Pavilions in Morocco actually isn't lived in per se as it's usually used just for retreats,  yet Maryam (yup, same one of the wonderful blog My Marrakesh) has managed to design an entire space that instantly tells guests to take off your shoes, grab some wine, put your feet up anywhere and totally chillax! Everything about the space looks like it was done with so much thought and attention as if she and anyone from her family would inhabit each bedroom rather than just an unknown guest. How she creates a space that looks totally comfortable, familiar, and lived-in without looking like "cliche Morocco" is quite special. It's totally a place I'd love to visit and stay for a long time!

{photos: decor8}

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