Chapman's Peak

Ahhh - finally home after a month of traveling, working, and vacationing. Now that I'm back and settled in, I am really psyched to get back to blogging, sharing some of my recent travel adventures as well as sharing some other things that have come across my radar while I was relaxing and relating! Rather than spending the entire week on a brain/visual dump of my time in Cape Town, posts about about Cape Town will be sprinkled throughout the blog over the coming weeks as I share so much of what inspired me from this truly amazing city!

This photo is a view from Chapman's Peak on the road back to Cape town which provides what might be the most beautiful natural view I've ever seen. Miles of curvy roads provide jaw-dropping views one after the other and there are stops all over the road where you can pull over and snap a picture. On certain days (obviously not the day I drove through because that would be too convenient), you can even see whales swimming about!

{Photo: Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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