A Textile Dilemma

So I know your first question must be why I'm showing you a random picture of a bookcase, but this random picture might just be the solution to a longstanding decor dilemma of mine!

You see, I harbor a very mild obsession with textiles! I have dozens of wax print fabrics from West African, kangas from East Africa, woven pieces from Latin America, and a growing collection of vintage silk handkerchiefs. For the most part, they are all neatly piled away in my closet and only get pulled out when I need an extra dose of color. Whenever this happens, I go into "oh such pretty fabrics - how can I display them better in my home" mode. Three years in and still no solution.....that is until I saw this image and realized the perfection that could become of making a little pile of them on a bookcase shelf (that my bookcase is already filled is just a minor detail)!!

That I'm still abroad for another three weeks doesn't distract from the fact that I know this is going to be brilliant once I pull it together. I even recently got an idea of what to do with one of my very fragile handkerchiefs!!!

Can't wait to share once I pull these together!

{Photo: Desire to Inspire}

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