Wow - the past week or so has just been full-on insanity, and I'm only now catching a break just in time to get back to you! Let me catch you up on a little of what's been going on behind the scene (aka - in my life). 

I recently took some time off to head up to Arcadia, Michigan to be a bridesmaids in one of my friend's wedding. The wedding took place at her family's amazing lakeside resort and my entire time up there was just sheer perfection! In addition to just sharing this very happy event with her and her family and friends, it was also just wonderful to get away from it all...literally! With no internet access for five straight days, my iPhone was my sole connection to the rest of the world and for the most part I even tried to disconnect from that. There was a lovely hiking trail to venture up, followed by speeding down sand dunes and walking along the beach; there was garland hanging all over the property turning this amazing space into an girl's colorful dream; there was a mega bonfire on the beach; multiple barbeques and just get togethers of women in the lovely little cottages; there were quick visits into town where I happened across the best cherry pie ever in Beulah, Michigan; and finally it goes without saying that there was dancing, drinking, picture taking and a LOT more fun taking place! If you ever find yourself looking for a relaxing place to enjoy a week or so in the summer, I honestly cannot recommend Watervale enough!

While there is an Africa-related post coming up later today, come on by tomorrow where I'll tell you about how I found myself back at the airport 48 hrs after landing back in D.C. and what (not to mention where) I'm currently up to!
{Photos: Brandie Maxwell for Out & About Africa}

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