Bicycle Portraits

It takes about 1 nanosecond in Cape Town to realize that cycling is a serious activity in this part of the world!  I spent the entire time lamenting the fact that I a) didn't have my bike; b) really wanted to ride in Cape Town considering the views are insane (never mind the minor detail that the hills would have done me in) and c) didn't have enough time to do all the sightseeing I wanted to see AND bike ride (the thick line between me and a real cyclist shines through).

While the cyclists I noticed were of the more of the seriously-training-for-the-Cape Argus-variety (think $2,000 bikes and biking gear galore), South African photographers Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler spent 2 years cycling all over South Africa taking pictures and stories of 500 South Africans who use their bikes as part of their daily lives. Through kickstarter, the duo are raising funds needed to get their 3 volume portrait book published and released to the masses! Obviously, this project is sooo up my alley!

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