L'Occitane in Africa

So I don't know who is that Africa champion over at L'Occitane but I'm so in favor of that person(s)! First there is the packaging which immediately stands out in this wintry climate. Inspired by the bogolan cloth traditional to Mali, the design team at L'Occitane added some vibrant colors that seem to inspire a "spring will be here soon" vibe! Once the packaging has the products firmly in your grasp, you open up the hand lotion or lip balm and smell the heavenly scents of Africa. Desert Rose hails from the perfumed deserts of Morocco while Egyptian Hibicus comes from, you guessed it - Egypt! Cocoa flower hails from Ivory Coast and their original shea butter keeps it's roots, but also gets caught up in the beautiful new packaging! Considering how much I was loved their Frangipani hand lotion last winter, it goes without saying that I'm going to need to seriously stock up!

{Photos: L'Occitane}

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