Grandma's Land

One of my steady go-to blogs is Garance Dore, where there is never a short supply of gorgeous pictures and witty commentary. Her site usually focuses on the glamorous side of fashion - think front-row seats at any fashion week and ability to borrow amazing things like the lust-worthy Gucci fall hat. She recently took a mini-break from all things fashionista and headed to rural Morocco land of her grandmother, but also a place known to her through someone else rather than first-hand experience.  The images produced are among some of my favorite of her works, especially the detailed shots. As someone always passionate about the migrant experience, I can't help but wonder what the journey to this place of her ancestors must have been like, and the influences (if any) of her grandmother's Moroccan heritage has had in her life.....

{Photos: Garance Dore}

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