Moya...The Package

While I was in Cape Town, I went to this amazing spa and during my session, the lady tried to hawk me various products. As a devoted Kiehl's girl, I was having none of it, and when she offered the unmemorable product to me, I just wasn't sold! If it had been packaged like the beautiful Moya products, I would have found myself at least testing out a few products only to then find myself anxiously waiting my next shipment of "supply" from South Africa!

Moya taps into the amazing Fynbos family of plants found almost exclusively in South Africa and extracts essential oils to make all kinds of goodness! I didn't know anything about Fynbos until I went to the Kirtenbosch National Botanical Gardens and I'm so glad that I did. Besides loving that the company has tapped into something so unique to South Africa, I just love that they brought these amazing plants out of hiding and smacked them right there on the packaging in a simple and elegant manner!

{Photos: Russell Smith + Moya}

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