At least once a week,  I head over to my friends place where her two year old greets me with a kiss at the door, pretends I'm a human jungle gym while we eat dinner, I bathe him, he gets tossed around from bed to couch a few times, both of us giggling away, and then I read him a story. I wish this illustration by artist Yan Nascimbene had a full story that I could read from.....

How would you start a story from this picture???

{Photo: Yan Nascimbene}


Ms zee said...

alo o, alo -- means story time in yoruba, I am Nigerian of Yoruba origin :) - a long long time ago in a far away land soo far that it took the birds in the air a very long time to get there, there lived a family of beautiful birds with big colorful feathers ........ sigh I miss my grandma telling me stories like this, I miss home :(

Brandie said...

Thanks for the story intro and what a wonderful tale....this makes me feel like i need to get more imaginative with my storytelling for my growing pool of cute babies i have to read stories to!