Dear Harper's Bazaar

Dear Harper's Bazaar (Australia),

As someone who has been blogging about fashion and highlighting fashion editorials featuring Africa for years, I cannot recall a single spread where, while on an African safari, the black male model was not playing the role of jovial safari guide. Your editorial took me by such surprise, I had to "star" it on my google reader and come back multiple times to let the beautiful images soak in! While I know you and your fellow fashion magazines are not going to stop featuring ladies inappropriately dressed for the reality of their surroundings (I get it, "creativity," "imagination running wild," "buzz word" "buzz word" and let's face it - I lap it up each time), I sincerely hope you continue to make strides to expand your stories beyond the clichéd relationship dynamics of the past.

All the best and looking forward to your next spread featuring the Continent.


{Photos: Harper's Bazaar via FGR}


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I starred this editorial as well in my Feedly account and I must say it truly is beautiful. A couple of the images are reminiscent of the film Out of Africa, particularly the scene when Robert Redford washed Meryl Streep's hair.