On Travel: Las Isletas

Las Isletas are a bunch of teeny tiny islands in the municipality of Granada, Nicaragua formed when a local volcano erupted a gazillion years ago. Today the islands are own by rich and poor alike. Families who own homes on these islands usually come for a weekend away. Others own property for rent and still others live here year-round. One island even contains an elementary school where kids up to 6th grade row their way to their school during the school year (totally giving the nursery rhyme "row row row your boat, gently down the stream" a whole new meaning). More islands are available if you want to row your way for dinner or a night cap at the local bar (although I can't imagine the drama for "drunk rowing" considering there are no water taxis). If life on a teeny island becomes too much, the mainland is only a short row away with Managua less than an hours drive from the main "ports." If you are craving ocean, there are two seaplanes to take you to the Pacific coast or any other coast you desire....

Needless to say..."Life is but a dream" in these parts as far as I'm concerned!

{Photos: Brandie for Out & About Africa}